DiskAid 6.7.2

An iPhone file transfer program that works on both PC and Mac

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Nowadays, it is common for each individual to have multiple devices for accessing and listening to music, including an iPad, iPod Touch and an iPhone. It is important to have a program that will easily allow people to transfer files from and to devices without any type of hassle. DiskAid offers users a means to do this.

The Software

DiskAid is an application that allows a user to access the iOS file system and transfer messages, notes, contacts, video and audio files along with their call history to their computer. The program can access a mobile device either through Wi-Fi if the computer and mobile device are on the same network or by plugging it into the computer’s USB port.

An added bonus is that it can access a person’s iCloud photo stream. Accessing music gives the user an iTunes screen with every soundtrack on their phone. It allows direct exports to ITunes or the capability to save a song to a folder on their computer. The user can double click a song to play it.

People can also press the space bar. DiskAid has a Quick Look feature that is similar to that in Finder. When a file of any kind is highlighted, the quick look window pops up to play or show the file. This is convenient for seeing a bigger image than the icon when users want to confirm it is actually the picture that they want to copy.

The program does not stop with the obvious. People can access contacts, text messages, music, their call history, videos and notes. Essentially, everything on their iPhone is accessible. Aside from that, each type of file has its unique export options. For instance, a person can export their text messages to text, CSV or PDF and even export attachments. They also have the capability to access the data that was saved in individual apps.

A Flaw

Although it has a number of useful features, the program is imperfect. When a user tries to access nested folders, it is easy to get into files by simply clicking the icon. However, some users complain that the only way that they can find to go back to the containing folder is by using a browser-like Back button or a Path drop-down.

Either a hot-key combination or an ‘Up’ icon would be a nice addition. This is true especially when this program is designed primarily to provide users with convenient access to their files. Fortunately, it is just a minor quibble.

A Huge Benefit

People can find other programs that do some of what DiskAid normally does. However, the convenience of having total access to their mobile device files all in a single place is a huge benefit. The fact that the interface is easy to use and understand is an added bonus.

People can also use it as a dirty and quick way to back up their phone files, as well as accessing their individual files for whatever reason. DiskAid supports iPhone 3GS, 3G, 5, 4S, iPod Touch and up. All should be running iOS 4 or newer. On the PC side, its supports, Vista, XP and Windows 7 and 8. OS X 10.7 Lion, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard are supported. However, they should be running iTunes 10 or newer.

  • Pros
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Copies files from the computer to the device and vice versa
  • Search function
  • Cons
  • No multi-language interface
  • Hard to access nested folders

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